6 Features of Quality Crossback Chairs


Serentipi Open Day with PapaShop Crossback Chairs (Jo Greenfield Photography)


At PapaShop this year, we have focussed on developing our high quality Crossback Chairs for you.

We know how hard it is to source high quality event furnishings. Your purchases have so many measures to live up to!

  • Bride’s wedding dreams…
  • Mother of the Bride’s wedding dreams!
  • Professional dining elegance
  • Corporate event flair
  • Transports securely
  • Stores in minimal space
  • Complements the tipi/sperry tent/marquee/stretch tent/venue
  • Cleans easily
  • Provides Return on Investment
  • Withstands the abuse of the hire industry

With the popularity of Crossback Chairs increasing, the number of variations and sellers are increasing too. So how do you find your diamond in the rough?

We’ve put together ‘6 Features of Quality Crossback Chairs’ to help you, drawing on our product development process for our exclusive new Crossback Chairs with interchangeable seat pads.


#1 Supportive

First and foremost, a chair has to support the weight of your client and their guests!

Make sure the seat frame ledge that supports the pad is at least 10mm wide. The cushion/rattan pad should be a tight fit and, in quality Crossback Chairs, will be held in place with velcro fastenings as well. The seat pad itself should have a substantial flat wooden base to it.

Prototype PapaShop Crossback Chair with 10mm ledge and 3 velcro points (velcro still to be added!)


#2 Strong

Fixings should not be out of sight, out of mind! Check fixings are substantial to withstand the abuse of the event and rental industry.

Wood joints with a lot of contact surface area are best glued.  Those with minimal surface contact are best screwed after pre-drilling, so as not to split the wood. If in doubt, joints glued and screwed are best!

PapaShop Quality Crossback Chairs Fixings
Fixings on a PapaShop Crossback Chair


#3 Consistent

Consistent colour, material and finish is vital for client-appeal!


#4 Stackable

Stacking saves space when storing and transporting the chairs.

For Crossbacks to stack well, the ‘cross’ must not ‘wrap around’ past the seat back and there needs to be a notch in the seat frame to allow the legs to stack.

The end of the semi circular seat frame supports need to be level because they will sit on the next seat frame when stacked!

Level seat supports on quality Crossback Chairs
PapaShop Quality Crossback Chairs Stack Supports
Level supports resting on a stacked Chair


#5 Spares available

A supplier of quality Crossback Chairs will be able to provide spare fixings and parts… because their chairs are worth fixing! At PapaShop, we offer spare fixings, seat pads, and ‘crosses’.


#6 Value for money

Event furniture hire is extremely competitive so you want your Crossback Chair to give you value.

Our exclusive, high quality Crossback Chairs with interchangeable seat pads offers you the opportunity to buy and store just one frame and offer two different chairs… saving you money and doubling the offering to your clients! Seat pads are also easier to clean when removed.

PapaShop Quality Crossback Chair Rattan
PapaShop Rattan Crossback Chair
PapaShop Quality Crossback Chair Cushion
PapaShop Cushion Crossback Chair


Quality Crossback Chairs -The proof is in the pudding…

Obviously we are very proud of the high quality Crossback Chair we have developed at PapaShop, but we’re a bit biased! So here’s what one of our returning customers has to say…

“We were searching for these trendy cross back chairs for months when we stumbled across these beauties from Papashop. Not only are they effortlessly stylish but they are also comfortable, super practical and our clients absolutely love them! They blend seamlessly with the tipis and we love their versatility…suiting all themes whether it’s a rustic woodland wedding or a glamorous party!

After doing our research and pricing up different options, we were also surprised by the value of these chairs without compromising on the quality of the product.

Top product and top people to deal with!”

Thank you Jamie at Serentipi!






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