Exclusive new Crossback Chair design!


Today, PapaShop are incredibly excited to reveal our exclusive new Crossback Chair design!

We always supplied the traditional ivory, velvet cushion on our Crossback Chairs. Increasingly though, our customers have been requesting a rattan seat pad as well. Our response was to develop a bespoke chair frame that allows you to interchange the rattan and cushion seat pads. You can’t buy these anywhere else in the UK, as far as we know!

So why buy our exclusive new Crossback Chairs?

Firstly, you only have to buy and store one PapaShop Crossback Chair frame for two different pads. You stand to make a significant saving from this when looking at stock levels for events.

Secondly, your customers get to choose which of two styles suits them and their indoor/outdoor gathering.  Effectively your chances of hiring out and profiting from the same chair double.

Additionally, we have:

  • widened the wooden ledge that the pads sits on
  • included another velcro contact point to secure the pads in place
  • strengthened the fixings used in the frame

This helps our Crossback Chair withstand the rigours of the event industry, lengthening its life and your return on investment.

We haven’t lost the foundations of our PapaShop Crossback Chairs in all this though. Our exclusive new Crossback Chairs are still made from grade one oak, beautifully finished, and critically, stackable.

Why invest in Crossback Chairs at all though?

Oak Crossback Chairs have fast become the favourite dining chair within the wedding and events industry. We hear this constantly from suppliers, venues and customers, as well as marquee, tipi and sperry rental companies.

PapaShop have been sourcing, selling and developing Crossback Chairs for the last three years. We pride ourselves on our products being beautiful, affordable and durable. Our sister company, PapaKata, also tests each product extensively in the field.

Don’t need Crossback Chairs?

You may find something else your customers would love in Our Range. We sell PapaFlex Event Matting, Giant Shepherd Crooks, Outdoor Firepits, Dimmable LED Festoon Bulbs and Chiavari Chairs. All are designed by Event Professionals for Event Professionals.

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